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Lee Cool

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Isaac Bush

VP of Miscellaneous Stuff

Our Story

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Lee Cool, founder, was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. He bought his first watch when he was 16 years old and quickly fell in love with timepieces as a whole. As his passion for watches grew, so did his dream of creating a watch of his own. At age 17, Lee went through the design and manufacturing process and created his first watch called the Lochhead which was made out of stainless steel. His attempts at turning this single creation into a thriving brand saw no success over the next few years. Facing defeat, he became discouraged and decided to take a step back to revisit the drawing board.


Lee moved to Boone shortly after his setback to pursue his degree in business management at Appalachian State University. While at school, he grew close to some very influential people that were active supporters of renewable resources and sustainability. In the winter of 2017, Lee decided to combine his itch for sustainability with his knowledge of watches to create a few wooden watches for his friends and family as Christmas presents. With the help of his manufacturer, the result was a beautiful, unique creation that was a testament to Lee’s adventurous lifestyle. Shortly after sporting his watches on social media, people asked if they were for sale. Shortly after, Lee began creating more designs and larger quantities. This moment marked the beginning of a continuous adventure which lives on today.